About the Founders

LeRatch 2 Inc

A Vision Inspired by Service

Jeffery Ratchford and his late father, Eugene Ratchford, co-founded our organization out of love. Eugene was a veteran who deeply cared about the well-being of his fellow veterans, especially those who faced challenges accessing benefits. His dream was to create a haven for these forgotten heroes.
LeRatch 2 Inc

Carrying the Torch

Jeffery took over as leader, following his father Eugene’s vision. Together, they are dedicated to honoring and supporting veterans. Providing them with the best care and assistance possible is their top priority.

Fundraiser Contact Details

Let's Build a Brighter Future Together

To contribute to our mission of building a better tomorrow for veterans, you can reach out to our dedicated team:

Lucille Moragne, Executive Secretary

Email: lucillemoragne@icloud.com

Phone: 818-744-0777

Jeffery E. Ratchford, CEO