About The Organization

LeRatch 2 Inc

About The Organization

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to honoring veterans not receiving the full benefits they deserve. Our co-founder, Eugene Ratchford, is a veteran, and it’s his dream to create a supportive community for his fellow veterans. That’s why we are building a community of tiny homes where veterans can live their golden years with dignity, independence, and a sense of belonging. We understand this is only possible with generous donations from kind individuals like you. Your donations will allow us to acquire property, build high-quality tiny homes, and provide ongoing support and resources to our residents. We are grateful for your help in fulfilling our mission to care for those who have served our country.

Our Vision

We envision a future where all veterans can access comfortable, secure housing and a supportive community. Our goal is to provide our veterans with the dignity and peace of mind they deserve to live out their post-service years. We aim to create a future where the value of their service is recognized and appreciated.

Our Mission

We aim to create a supportive community of tiny homes explicitly designed for needy veterans. Our work involves fundraising and partnerships to accomplish the following goals:

  • Acquiring land to build our veteran community.
  • Constructing high-quality and functional tiny homes.
  • Providing essential resources and support services to our residents. We aim to build a brighter tomorrow, one tiny home at a time.

Fundraiser Contact Details

Let's Build a Brighter Future Together

To contribute to our mission of building a better tomorrow for veterans, you can reach out to our dedicated team:

Lucille Moragne, Executive Secretary

Email: lucillemoragne@icloud.com

Phone: 818-744-0777

Jeffery E. Ratchford, CEO