Creator's Vision

1) The R-rated Ageless shall not only entertain but also captivate the imagination of mature audiences worldwide.

2) This film shall demonstrate the immutable fact that neither love nor romance could be conquered by age, space, or time. (As Virgil, the Roman Poet said: " Amor vincit omnia.")

3) The topic of romantic sensuality mixed with genuine love, as it shall be depicted in this motion picture, is the best selling subject for readers everywhere.

4) The attractive attribute of this movie is that it targets not only the male but also the female demographics.

5) The fascinating theme of this film should dazzle the wide range of contemporary romance lovers of all ages.

6) Exotic locations of the Holy Land would propel this spellbinding love story to unparalleled heights.

7) The Screenplay of Ageless shall be based upon the published novel, Ageless Lust; An Improbable Love Affair

8) Movies such as Ageless have proven over time to be great box office hits. The 1990 movie 'Pretty Woman' (with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts), the 1993 'Indecent Proposal' (Robert Redford and Demi Moore), and the 1997 'As Good As It Gets' (Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt) each grossed between $260-460 million.

9) A gripping storyline, a superb cast and a daring cinematography would render Ageless an unforgettable motion picture for years to come.

Gabriel Goren, MD