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Make a Difference: Donate to Support Our Veterans Today

We rely on generous actions or donations to the needy from kind individuals like you to fulfill our mission of supporting veterans. Your contribution, no matter the size, will directly impact the lives of deserving veterans in need.

Why Donate?

We are a highly-rated non-profit organization, consistently recognized as one of the best donations for veterans. Here’s how your donation will make a real difference:

  • Tiny Homes for Veterans: Your contribution will help us build a haven – a community of tiny homes designed to empower veterans experiencing homelessness. These homes provide much-needed independence, fostering a sense of dignity and belonging.
  • Direct Impact: Donations go directly towards supporting veterans. We focus on donations for the veterans, ensuring every dollar helps meet their essential needs.
  • Every Dollar Counts: There is no such thing as a small donation. We are grateful for all contributions, and every dollar brings us closer to supporting homeless veterans.

Join the Movement

There are many ways to get involved beyond financial contributions. Consider these options:

  • Volunteer: Become a volunteer of America veterans donate your time and skills to support our mission.
  • Spread Awareness: Help us amplify the veterans’ voice of America donations by sharing our story with your network.

Fundraiser Contact Details

Let's Build a Brighter Future Together

To contribute to our mission of building a better tomorrow for veterans, you can reach out to our dedicated team:

Lucille Moragne, Executive Secretary


Phone: 818-744-0777

Jeffery E. Ratchford, CEO


Phone: 725-289-2536