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          Ageless Lust, An Improbable Love Affair, is an authentic story. Out of downright escape or hobby, women and men of all ages interested in contemporary erotic romance novels, it is hoped to have an enjoyable read.
          The narrative, covering an entire decade, is set in the City of Angels except for a brief period of time when the energy moves to the Promised Land. The protagonist of the novel, a 73-year-old widower surgeon, decided to retire and live out the rest of his life in the country he left 30-years beforehand.
          Serendipitously, five months before his irrevocable departure, Gabriel meets Veronica, a gorgeous womanliness oozing 31-springs younger single mother of two kindergarten age children. To his surprise, the inglorious age gap is irrelevant to her, and they engage in an intense physical relationship that with time morphed into genuine love.
          Coerced by his stone-etched plans, Gabriel, adhering to them, has scorched his American livelihood and has to leave Veronica and the US behind. It is a painful move, much against the prayers of his heart. In her send-off card, having and enchantress vision, Veronica, against all, but all odds, expresses her hope that one day he will be back and them, an item again?
          Disunited by what seemed to be an unbridgeable separation of 7500 miles, the two maintain an intense electronically enabled line of communication, Skype–sex included.
          Just six weeks after his departure, Veronica arrives to celebrate his 74th birthday together. They crisscross the country and have a twelve-day-long intoxicating honeymoon that ends with her returning to her motherly duties. Both despondent, longing for each other, and in love, by the end of the summer, Gabriel leaves his newly created home and life behind with no hesitations.
          After re-crossing a sea, an ocean, and two continents, they reunite in the City of Angeles, where they found the flames of magic. Defying all sensible rationale, neither years, numbering ten, nor geographic locations, could destroy the profound love between two individuals–over three decades apart.
          “Amor Omnia Vincit” or “Love Conquers All,” as Virgil, the Roman poet wrote, and Veronica and Gabriel attested him right.

P.S. The end of the book and the and of the movie project was purposely made different.