The storyline of the movie Ageless follows the pages of the book,
Ageless Lust, An Improbable Love Affair written by TG Gore (Gabriel Goren.)

    The hero of the movie gets involved in a romantically erotic relationship with a beautiful much younger girl. Against all odds, the two souls embark on an improbable love affair.

    Neither years, by now numbering ten, nor geographic locations could destroy the profound love between two individuals -- over three decades apart in age.

    Throughout his life, Gabriel never imagined that one day he would become a novelist; however, destiny thrust him to partake in this endeavor, for the hero of his book is himself.

    Gabriel by profession is a surgeon, having never had any training in high-level writing. His mother tongue and schooling were not in English; nevertheless, the improbable love affair that he experienced inspired him to compose a book which in turn could inspire readers around the world.

    In order to write the prologue of his book, Gabriel enlisted the services of an English professor. Impressed by the unique story line of the narrative the professor/screenwriter, who is also a motion picture producer, suggested him to adapt the tale for the big screen and write the synopsis for a movie.


"Ageless" - an erotic romance movie project